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Jane Geeson - Enamel

Enamelart is a creative workshop producing art work using vitreous enamelling techniques.  Jane Geeson, enamel artist and designer, began working under the name of Enamelart in 2006.


Jane uses metalsmithing and vitreous enamelling techniques to produce light switches, wall art, bowls and jewellery.​

One of the reasons Jane loves using enamels is their vibrant colours. There are two types: transparent have a jewel-like appearance caused by light reflecting from the metal beneath; opaque hide the metal but colours appear stronger.​

She is inspired to work with enamel as the results are always unique, no two pieces being the same.  During the process, lucky accidents often happen and if so, she enjoys the challenge of working with that result.​

The subject of Jane's work is usually taken from the animal or plant world but she also loves to depict figures, especially in an ethereal setting; also iconic buildings and bridges.  ​

Jane is a Craftsman of The Guild of Enamellers.

To find out more please visit Jane's website:


You can contact her on:


Home: 01934 863124

Mobile: 07866957716

Studio 1,

Barley Wood Walled Garden,

Long Lane,


North Somerset,

BS40 5SA


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